”Digital Humanities Workshop”, Rijeka (Hrvatska)

The workshop on Digital Humanities was held in the lecture hall of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, from March 17th to March 18th 2016. Twenty-five people participated in the workshop and discussed following topics ”A short introduction to Digital Humanities”, ”Digital Humanities and the role od text”, ”Introduction to Data Visualization: trends, tools and practice”, ”FRAMNAT data interpretation” and ”Future perspectives of Digital Humanities”.

Invitation for the FRAMNAT workshop on Digital Humanities

Dear all,

The FRAMNAT team invites you to a Digital Humanities workshop, which will be held from March the 17th to March the 18th 2016, at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Most esteemed guests will be PhD Bettina Berendt from the University of Leuven (Belgium) and PhD Rocio Chongtay from the University of Syddansk (Denmark). You can download the full programme here:

Digital Humanities Workshop-17-18_3-FFRI

”Methodology in Social Sciences” workshop, Rijeka (Croatia)

On the 2nd of December 2015, a ”Methodology in Social Sciences” workshop was held at the Cultural Studies Department (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences). About 20 people participated in the workshop, and the topics were: research design, quantitative methods, interviews, opservations, focus groups, qualitative methods, ethics. The leaders of the workshop were Ivan Sokolić, Ana Ljubojević and Benedikt Perak.

FRAMNAT members in Conference TMTMICEECS, Lovran 2015

Members of the FRAMNAT research team presented their research this week in Lovran (Croatia), at the international conference Theorizing Myth, Trauma and Memory in Central and East European Cultural Spaces (25th – 27th September 2015).

17.30-19.30 Chair: Tanja Petrović (Ljubljana)

Vjeran Pavlaković (Rijeka): Framing the Nation and Contested Narratives: Commemorating Antifascist Uprisings in Croatia

Benedikt Perak (Rijeka): Framing the Nation and Collective Identity in Croatia: Discourse analysis of the profiling of cultural Models and affective experience in the discourse of Commemorative Speeches

Renato Stanković (Rijeka): Framing the Nation: A view on local memory politics in Croatia

In Search of Transcultural Memory in Europe, Dubrovnik (Croatia)

From September the 17th to September the 19th, an international conference In Search for Transcultural Memory in Europe was held in Dubrovnik. Over 60 European researchers and scientists in the field of transcultural memory studies participated, and among them were members of the FRAMNAT project, under guidance from Vjeran Pavlakovic (University of Rijeka).

The conference was organized and financed by the COST network, whose goals are studying rememberance of the 20th century, sharing the most recent memory research all over Europe, exploring the processes and politics on creating a shared European memory, and researching contested colective narratives which were created after the national fragmentation of the 20th century.




Wreath-laying ceremony in Kastav (Croatia)

As a part of the ”Days of the City of Kastav” programme, a wreath-laying ceremony was held on saturday, 6th of June. At the local cemetery and sites where fascist terror occured, wreaths were laid by the City administration and the local partisan and veteran associations.


Project presentation at conference in Dublin (Ireland)

From May 7th-10th, an international conference in Dublin (Republic of Ireland) was held. At this ”Memories and Identities in Central and Eastern Europe” conference, the members of our scientific research team presented the FRAMNAT project, data collected and first results.

You can find the whole conference programme below.


Workshop “In Transitional Landscapes”, Vienna (Austria)

Organized by the Institute of Art and Design (Vienna University of Technology) in cooperation with Paradocks (a think tank for temporary use) and špurA (Cultural Association for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Exchange), the “In Transitional Landscapes” workshops and lectures considered the often problematic issues of socio-political transitions in the work domains of artists, architects and urban researchers.

Commemoration in Basovizza (Italy)

On the 10th of February in the town of Basovizza (Italy), a commemoration was held, dedicated to the ”Exodus” of Italians from Istria, Rijeka and Dalmatia after World War II. More about the event on this link (remark: the source is on Italian language).

FRAMNAT workshop, Rijeka (Hrvatska)

On the 22nd and 23rd of January 2015, a workshop was held as a part of the project. Besides the research team, the participants were Ljiljana Šarić, Višnja Kisić, Borut Klabjan and Nevena Škrbić Alempijević as guests, along with other professors, scientists and students. The workshop topics were:

– presenting the project

– presenting the gathered research material

– commentaries and expert advice from guests

– methodologies and ways of archiving the research material

– strategies of engaging students to participate in the project activities

– planning of the upcoming project activities